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Schematics on this server :

last update: 07.11.2007
Manufacturer Type Description Picture Location
Ace Tone Fuzz Master FM-1 . Schematic
Acoustic 360 (Fuzz part only) . Schematic
Analogguru FET-Booster . . Schematic
Analogguru Monster Wholy . . Schematic
Anubics Tremolo One DIY Tremolo . Schematic
Analogguru Voltage Multiplier . . Schematic
Analogguru Zecken-Weh DIY Tremolo . Schematic
Applied Big Bass Bass Booster . Schematic
Applied Fuzz and Treble Booster . . Schematic
Barcus-Berry 3000A Buffer/Preamp/EQ . Schematic
Benson 300H/400H (Fuzz part only) . Schematic
Bespeco Cruncher Volume/Distortion . Schematic
Bespeco Weeper Wah-Wah . Schematic
Bruno Fuzz Machine Fuzz . Schematic
Carlsbro Suzz Distortion . Schematic
Celtic-Audio Filter-DI-Box DI-Box . Schematic
Chandler Tube Driver (4-knob) . Schematic
Colorsound Phazex Phaser (4-FET) . Schematic
Colorsound Tone-Bender Fuzz (Reissue) . Schematic
Colorsound Wah-Swell (pink, v1) . Schematic
Colorsound Wah-Wah (Reissue) . Schematic
Coron Distortion 10 . Schematic
Coron Funk Box 95 . Schematic
Crowther Hotcake (1977) . Schematic
Crowther Hotcake (2003) . Schematic
De Armond Square Wave Distortion . Schematic
DOD 440 (red) Envelope Filter . Schematic
DOD 460 Mini Chorus . Schematic
DOD 555 Distortion . Schematic
Dunlop JH-2 Jimmy Hendrix (Fuzz Face) . Schematic
Dunlop QZ-1 Q-Zone (Wah) . Schematic
Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi (Op-Amp, 1977) . Schematic
Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi (Op-Amp, 1978) . Schematic
Electro-Harmonix Black Finger (tube) Compressor Guts .
EUR Distortion Booster B 1840 . Schematic
GEM mars G 15 SS Guitar Amp . Schematic
Goya Boom Box Bass Booster . Schematic
Guild Brian May Box (grey) . Schematic
Guild Foxey Lady (grey) . Schematic
H & K Red Box (MkI) DI-Box . Schematic
H & K Red Box (MkII) DI-Box . Schematic
HBE Dos Mos FET-Booster . Schematic
Heathkit TA-28 Distortion Booster . Schematic
Holden Reverb Chamber Spring Reverb . Schematic
Ibanez OD-850 Overdrive (1974) . Schematic
Ibanez ST-800 Stereo-Box . Schematic
Ibanez ST-810 Stereo Pedal . Schematic
Ibanez Standard Fuzz Fuzz . Schematic
Ibanez TS-808 Tubescreamer . Schematic
Jen Distortion Booster PE 402 . Schematic
Jen HF-Modulator . . Schematic
Jen Mr. Crybaby Wah/Volume . Schematic
Jen Repeat Percussion PE 404 . Schematic
Jordan Bossboost Fuzz . Schematic
Jordan Bosstone Fuzz . Schematic
Kampo Tube Pedal 901 Tube Pedal . Schematic
Kadent Treblefuzz (V1) Fuzz . Schematic
Kay Fuzz Tone F-1 . Schematic
Kay Tremolo T-1 . Schematic
Kay Wah-Wah W-1 . Schematic
Korg CMP-1 Compressor . Schematic
Landgraff Clean Boost . Guts .
Lovetone Brown Source . . Schematic
Lord Fuzz Machine Fuzz . Schematic
LRE Fuzz Sound . . Schematic
Maestro FRB-1 Full Range Booster . Schematic
Maestro MPS-2 Phaser (4-FET) . Schematic
Marlboro Wailer Fuzz . Schematic
Maxon OD-880 Overdrive . Schematic
Melos Fuzzder FS-1 . Schematic
Melos Mini Fazer PS-110 . Schematic
Memphis Distortion . . Schematic
Mica Fuzz Machine Fuzz . Schematic
Mica Wailer (Fuzzder) FT-12 . Schematic
Monacor Fuzzder FS-1 . Schematic
MXR Distortion+ (M-104) . Schematic
MXR Distortion III (M-115) . Schematic
MXR Zakk Wylde (ZW-44) . Schematic
Northland Fuzz Machine Fuzz . Schematic
Orpheum Fuzz (Ge) Fuzz . Schematic
Ovation Piezo Preamp Guitar Preamp . Schematic
ProCo The Rat (1986) Distortion . Schematic
RMC Wizard Wah-Wah Guts coming soon
Roger Mayer Classic Fuzz Fuzz . Schematic
Roger Mayer Mongoose Fuzz . Schematic
Roger Mayer Octavia Octave Fuzz Guts Schematic
Roger Mayer Page-1 Fuzz . Schematic
Roger Mayer Spitfire Fuzz . Schematic
Roger Mayer Stone Fuzz Fuzz . Schematic
Schaller Fuzz (1972) Fuzz . Schematic
Seymour Duncan Pickup Booster . . Schematic
Seymour Duncan Tweak Fuzz . . Schematic
Shin-ei FY-2 Fuzz . Schematic
Sunn Buzz Fuzz . Schematic
T-Pedals T-Fuzz Fuzz . Schematic
Teisco Fuzz Machine Fuzz . Schematic
Tycobrahe Octavia Octave-Fuzz . Schematic
Univox Micro Fazer Phaser (4-FET) . Schematic
Univox Square Wave SQ-150 . Schematic
Univox Univibe . . Patent
Vox Distortion 1901 . Schematic
Vox Distortion Booster V8162 . Schematic
Vox Octavoice I . . Schematic
Vox Repeat Percussion V809 . Schematic
Whirlwind Mic Eliminator . . Patent
Xotic BB preamp . Guts .
Zvex Box of Rock (similar to: BSIAB II) . coming soon
Zvex Fuzz Factory . Guts Schematic
Zvex Machine . . coming soon
Zvex Octane 2 (Apollo Fuzz clone) . coming soon
Zvex Seek Wah . . coming soon
Zvex SHO Super Hard On Guts Schematic
Zvex Woolly Mammoth Bass Fuzz . Schematic